Name William
Gender Male
Species Green Eye
Occupation Student, Miss Simian's spy
Relatives none
Introduced In The Third
Last Appearance The Tape
Voiced by The director
William is a flying eyeball. He was a potential friend in The Third. He never talks.


William is basically a flying eyeball. He has white, bird-like wings which are his only means of locomotion. His "body" simply consists of a single green eye. Most of the kids consider him creepy.


William is Miss Simian's personal snitch. He takes it upon himself to spy upon her students. The only time he speaks is when he is whispering in Miss Simian's ear.

Due to his being a snitch, as well as his overall creepy appearance and inability to talk, William does not have any friends. Despite all of this, he's actually a decent guy most of the time, showing honor and friendliness. When someone crosses him, however, he shows a cold, calculating side to himself. This was demonstrated in "The Voice", where he stalks Gumball and Darwin and, through careful planning, tricks them into fighting each other. When this fails, he goes on an all out rampage through school in an attempt to get revenge. When he realized that nobody can hear him, though, he apologizes.

Also demonstrated in "The Voice" is his powerful psionic abilities. With just a thought, he can psionically manipulate the physical aspects of reality with enough force to shatter concrete or cause explosions.


Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

"The Tape" (cameo)



  • He is the main hidden antagonist in episode "The Voice."
  • In the uncut version of the original Gumball promo, he, along with Anton and Banana Joe, watches Gumball try to "save" Darwin from a tree.
  • He may be based off the Golden Snitch from Harry Potter, as he is a ball with wings and "snitches" on his classmates.
  • He usually uses his eye to express his action (e.g. if he is laughing, he will close his eye and move up and down).
  • In Season 2, his wings are flapped much slower, making him looked even scarier.
  • He is voiced by of the show's director.
  • In The Voice, William can actually speak. But since he has no mouth, no one can hear him.
  • Stangely in The Voice, he can actually type, despite having no arms.


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