The Wand is the twenty-ninth episode of season one of The Amazing World of Gumball.


The episode begins in the dining room with Richard trying to unclog the kitchen sink with a toilet plunger and Gumball serving cereal for Darwin and himself. After having a conversation about why lunch is better than breakfast or dinner, a plastic wand falls out from the cereal box and on to Darwin's bowl of cereal. Gumball grabs it in hopes that it would be able to satisfy his wish of having six eyes, but has no effect instead. Darwin tries wishing for the same thing on Gumball as well, this time he waving it, but still yielding the same result. They conclude that the magic wand is fake. Richard, homing in on the words "magic wand", rushes over and asks Gumball for it. He first wishes for it to actually work, unlike the magic wishbone that crushed his childhood dreams. A flashback to Richard's childhood plays, showing him breaking a wishbone with his mother and wishing for the sausages on the dining table to fly into his mouth. After waiting for a while, he nervously asks his mom why his wish isn't coming true, to which she reveals that magic is fake. This causes Richard to scream for several years - he screams through major events in his life like his high school photo, one of his dates with Nicole in the movies, and his wedding. After Richard explains how his discovery of magic being fake ruined his childhood, Gumball and Darwin made it their duty make his wishes come true to avoid such event from happening a second time. Richard's first wish was the same one that crushed his dreams - the wish for sausages to fly into his mouth. Gumball and Darwin simply tied a sausage to a fishing pole and reeled it towards their father's mouth. He eats it and rejoices, but then he hears a noise coming from the kitchen. It was the kitchen sink, clogged and nearly overflowing with goop. He groans, thinking of the work that is to come, but then realizes that he still has the magic wand. He wishes for the sink to unclog itself. As Gumball and Darwin were hiding in the cabinet below the sink, they try to help Richard fulfill his wish without his notice. Not knowing how to fix a sink, they start yanking the pipes in hopes that it would do something. The pipe's connector falls off, causing the cabinet to flood with the green goop that was in the sink. With no other readily available option, Gumball covers the open pipe with his mouth, filling his mouth with the disgusting green liquid and eventually swallowing it all at once. This bloats up his stomach and, after a poke from Darwin, is hurled all out on to Darwin's face. Richard bows to the wand, worshipping its supposed magical power, and bestows the name of Wanda onto it. So Gumball and Darwin grant some more wishes.

Then in the backyard, Gumball and Darwin grant one of Richard's wishes by ripping off his clothes. This catches the attention of The Robinsons, who go over and tell Richard to put some clothes on. Richard apologizes, but thinking he's a wizard, Richard casts a bunch of "spells" on the Robinsons.

The first of the barrage of wishes made by Richard was a wish that would make Mr. Robinson look silly. This was satisfied by Gumball and Darwin by leaving Mr. Robinson in an outfit that shocked both his wife and Richard himself, a bra and bikini. Richard, disgusted by the sight, wished that the outfit be removed, leaving Mr. Robinson naked for Richard to see. This result repulsed him even more, wishing to put the bikini back in. His wish against Mrs. Robinson involved in making her head into a watermeleon, fulfilled by the boys by throwing a watermelon off-screen onto the head of Margaret and making an illusion that her head did transform into a watermelon. Richard's ultimatum resulted with the boys hanging both Robinsons with ropes tied among their torso, to look as if they are lifted away from the ground. After Richard leaves, with the Robinsons finally out of the misery from the antics done by the boys, they are convinced that Richard is really wizard, and they run in a terrified panic.

Richard runs to the front of the house with Wanda, overconfident with his possession of magic. Gumball and Darwin realizes that their farther has turned evil with power, and that his wishes may become worse. They then decide to take Wanda from Richard, while still fulfilling the wishes their father wanted to avoid him from getting depressed. Richard casts a slip-over spell, slow motion spell, reverse spell, love spell, and an inside out spell, much to his horror, forcing himself to cast a "back to normal" spell at Gumball and Darwin. All the wishes were perfectly executed by the boys.

Richard then makes Gumball and Darwin switch faces and butts, and makes them kiss each other, and a variety of other spells much similar to this. Gumball, at his limit, decided to tell his father the truth about the wand. Richard thinks they are making it all up, but when he tries to fly in midair, he then realizes that Gumball and Darwin were doing humiliating things for him, and the gang hug. Richard quickly realizes that Gumball and Darwin told him magic was fake, and he starts screaming again for a next 15 years. Meanwhile, Mr. Robinson finds Wanda his side of the lawn, and tries executing its power by wishing that her wife would change her horrible hairdo. He quickly regrets his wish after seeing that the wand is a fake, and as this makes Mrs. Robinson miffed, he says to himself "I wish I hadn't said that."


Major CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Robinsons
  • Gaylord Robinson (The End Antagonist)
  • Margaret Robinson
  • Pantsbully
  • Purple Moose
  • Nicole (flashback)
  • Joshephine Watterson (flashback)
  • Tobias' Mom (flashback)
  • Exercise Bacon (flashback)
  • Mr. Small (flashback)
  • Beanie Bird (flashback)


  • Nicole wears her wedding dress in Richard's flashback, which is much bigger than when Gumball wore it in "The Dress".
  • It is revealed in this episode that the Watterson's street number is 1026.
  • This was the first new episode to be aired on a Tuesday.
  • This was also the first new episode to be aired in 2012.
  • This is the first episode where Mr. Robinson was seen completely naked.
  • Richard and Nicole's wedding flashback appeared once again in "The Ape", but strangely, Richard was not screaming in that episode, implying that he was exaggerating his side of the story a bit.
  • This is the second episode where Nicole only appears in a flashback. The first was in "The Dress".
  • This is the second episode where Richard screams for a long period of time. The first was in "The Painting".
  • It is revealed Nicole's maiden name starts with 'G' on the yearbook photo.


  • When Gumball is sucking up the sink water in the pipe after Gumball and Darwin break the sink pipe, one of the pipes disappears when the scene briefly changes from Richard back to Gumball and Darwin.
  • When Gumball and Darwin challenge Richard to get the wand back, Darwin's eyelashes and Richard's whiskers are missing in one scene.
  • At the beginning of the episode when Gumball and Darwin are eating breakfast, "Daisy Flakes" are mispelled as "Dizzy Flakes".
  • Richard's mouth is discoloured when he laughs at The Robinsons.