The Microwave is the thirty-third episode of season one of The Amazing World of Gumball.


The episode begins with Gumball announcing to Darwin his latest creation; "the grossest thing ever." A jar filled with many gross things like bird feces and throw up. Darwin asks if he's sure his Tap Dancing Dolphin impression still holds up to which, Gumball bluntly explains "no." While they discuss what they are going to do with the jar Richard mistakes it for his coffee cup, which he grabs and throws it into the microwave. Gumball and Darwin agree to nuke it, to their convenience of the jar already being heated up in the microwave. As it starts to burn an 'eye' forms in the muck of the jar. Gumball and Darwin watches in fear as the timer goes off. They observe the jar and find a little monster face inside the muck. Gumball finds it first and exclaims they have a baby. Darwin screams he doesn't want to be a father and proposes to trash it. Gumball tells him to keep quite to not hurt his feelings, but Darwin tries to skip out. Gumball promptly tells him to stay put and help out his new 'son.'

Gumball then tries to ease him out the jar, as Darwin makes cute remarks towards the baby. However the baby jumps out and sucks on Darwin's eye. The fish screams and tells him to lay off, in which Gumball replies its merely something babies do. Then Gumball tries to pull him off but gets his neck sucked at. Darwin then claims its hungry, so they try to find something to feed it with. Anais comes in the kitchen to find the monster baby sitting in her stool. She demand to know what it is, in which Gumball and Darwin explain its their microwaved child. Anais continues to insult it until Gumball tells her to stop insulting Kenneth.

The boys then leave to get some pigeon traps leaving Anais to go off and babysit for a while. Anais groans and starts examining the monster, only to scream out in horror as it attacks her. Gumball and Darwin come back to find Anais gone, and Darwin exclaims that Kenneth grew. The doorbell rings in which Kenneth runs off and attacks the old man at the porch. Gumball and Darwin come out and find him eating away at the trash cans. Gumball then claims they need; 'Parental Advice.'

They go to the backyard where their father is getting a sun tan and ask for help. Richard says that they need to lay down the law and explain their superior position. While he explains that you shouldn't give your dog or child attention for anything wrong, Kenneth continuously swallows him arm. Gumball and Darwin point out that Kenneth is slowly eating him, but Richard claims its fine until he's eaten. The boys scream and run away, realizing Kenneth has vastly outgrown them.

Later that night, Nicole comes home to find the boys hidden in the front room. Gumball unintelligibly explains that they've made a monster that ate everyone. Nicole doesn't understand in which Darwin explains also in a quick unintelligible away that they made a monster and they need to call the army. Nicole still doesn't understand so she reassures them its a raccoon and goes out in the backyard to look for Richard. Nicole then wonders around the foggy backyard cautiously until shes attacked and eaten by Kenneth.

Gumball and Darwin then try to stop him but the monster catches them off guard. Kenneth leaps at them but they run off as he gets caught in the fence. Gumball and Darwin then try to beat him up with gardening tools before realizing the entire family is inside. Richard then reassures them that its not so bad in here, but that they should hurry up and get them out. Darwin then proposes to use to the gardening hose as a cable so that he can jump in Kenneth's mouth and grab everyone then Gumball can pull him out. Gumball objects but its too late, Darwin gets swallowed into the monster.

Gumball then tells the anxious Darwin that the plan cant work because the monster has the rope in-between his lips. Darwin then tells him to think of something but Gumball admits he hasn't a clue what to do. Gumball then gets thrown back by Kenneth's roar and accidentally turns on the water to the hose. The monster gets filled up to breaking point and explodes setting everyone free. They all rejoice and Gumball exclaims he did it on purpose. Then they find little Kenneth now vastly smaller on the lawn. Gumball then talks cutely towards it. Richard then tries to destroy it but Gumball assures him that Kenneth was merely misguided and that he's a nice creature. With a touching speech, he convinces the family to give Kenneth a second chance. Cut to the future, where Kenneth, instead of being gentle, turns out to be an even bigger monster than before. Gumball and Darwin reflect on their decision, now believing that they should have just destroyed him when he was little.


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  • This is the third episode to air in the UK before the US, the first being The Mystery and the second being The Responsible.
  • The placement of the front door has changed. Originally being in front of the stairway, it is now directly in front of the kitchen.
  • The old moose man is revealed to work for a delivery service.
  • Darwin refers to Richard as Dad instead of Mr. Dad like he usually does.
  • Kenneth consists of dirty tissues, bird poop, and sour milk, and has a humanoid form.