The Ghost is the twelfth episode of season one of The Amazing World of Gumball.


The episode starts in the School Cafeteria, on a table with Carrie, Gumball, and Darwin, each with trays of food in front of them. Gumball and Darwin are loudly and visibly enjoying their food. Carrie is offended by this, explaining that ghosts can't eat or taste. She demonstrates by putting a lump of food in her mouth, only to have it fall through her body and back onto the plate. She wishes she still had a body to use, but, at this point, Darwin tells her that she could use Gumball. Gumball is taken aback by this suggestion but before he could say anything, Carrie had already possessed him. After admiring how she was able to breathe and feel, she finally gobbled the food from Gumball's tray. She was still hungry for more and took off on a wild junk food spree, eating anything she could find. The next morning, Gumball, free of Carrie, was found underneath a pile of leftover food. Richard found him pugdy and laughes at him, but realized he was the same as well before crying back home. Back at school, Gumball lost his appetite, remembering what happened. He finds Carrie with a sandwich she bought from the cafeteria and asks Gumball if she could use his body again (not to mention emphasizing that she could not ask for a refund). Reluctant at first, he agreed for this one small gesture, but soon enough, Carrie's self-indulgence gets the best of her. Gumball finds himself in the same spot, and worst for ware.

Darwin decides to help create a drink from his fishbowl water with Tobias' headband sweat, Miss Simian's dandruff, Gumball's 15-day-old underwear, and Darwin's fish belch. Gumball and Darwin were sure that this disgusting blend would prevent Carrie from possessing Gumball again. At school, however, Carrie is in fact the only one not revolted by the smell. She loved the smell as it reminded her of the undead and made her hungry...

After another possessed eating spree, a fat Gumball asks his dad what he could do. Richard teaches him the skill of weaseling. He asks Gumball what he wanted. When he asked him how to stop Carrie from using his body, he responded that he needed to take some meatloaf out of the oven. Gumball sees him escaping out of the backyard. He figured what to do.

He used the meatloaf excuse on Carrie the next day, saying that he needed to check his locker. When she points it out, he said it was his gym locker. Carrie responds that he doesn't have a gym locker, making him reiterate that it was "Jim the doctor's" locker. He eventually ran out of excuses and gave up.

One more food spree later, he returns home and asks his mom for help. In the living room, Nicole tells him that all he needs to do is say no and mean it. To illustrate, she calls out Richard to bring her a bowl of sausages. When he asked her if he can have one, she says "no" and placed it on his nose. As she leaves the room, Richard is still waiting.

At school the next day, Gumball finally makes his stand and refuses to let Carrie borrow his body. The ghost is shocked to hear this, and after a few pleading attempts to get him to change his mind, Carrie decides to forcefully enter Gumball's body, fully intending to stay there forever. After a moment of binging, Gumball tries to fight back, but he is failing. He begs Darwin to beat Carrie out of him, but the fish points out that he's a "paci-fish". Carrie crashes outside the school and starts pigging out on garbage. At this point, Gumball has finally had enough and points out the ghost's problem to her. Carrie realizes this and finally decides to rid the cat of herself. But a moment later, Darwin arrives walloping Gumball with a trash lid before seeing that he was already free. Seeing Carrie depressed once more, Gumball came up with a solution.

Returning home, he introduced her to his dad, who was still holding the sausage with his nose. Carrie quickly possesses him and chows down on not only the sausage, but the food in the kitchen, with an angry Nicole constantly telling her husband to stop.


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  • This episode shows that Gumball's locker is small, but in "The Mystery," it is big enough to fit Principal Brown inside.
  • The closed captions misinterpret Darwin's "Spirit be gone! Spirit be gone!" chant as "Scary ghost! Scary ghost!"


  • During the weaseling lesson, the popcorn on Richard's lap disappears.
  • When Darwin ate his sundae,Gumball's right ear is missing.
  • When Carrie says that ghosts can't eat, her food is brown, but when Gumball asks to eat it, it is green.

Cultural referencesEdit

  • Carrie's eating rampages are a homage to the music video for "Smack My Bitch Up" by The Prodigy.
  • When a Carrie-possesed Gumball is clinging to the ceiling and turns his head around, this is a reference to an scene from the movie Trainspotting.