"The Early Reel"
Season: 1
Broadcast number: 1a
Airing Information
Written by: Ben Bocquelet
Storyboarded by: Sylvain Marc
Episode Chronology
"The Mom"

The Early Reel episode of The Amazing World of Gumball was never aired. It is currently uploaded in Ben's Twitter as of 5/2/11.


Gumball and Darwin build a Rube Goldberg machine in an attempt to escape from school.


Supporting CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit


  • Masami has a thicker outline and Alan face is drawn differently in this episode.
  • Many characters make a debut in this episode.
  • Gumball appears to have a square head and a yellow jacket, while Darwin is much smaller, a darker shade of orange, and is animated in CGI.
  • It was uploaded to YouTube in 2010, but Cartoon Network took it down due to copyright reasons.
  • Ben Bocquelet said he might add the episode as a special feature on The Amazing World of Gumball DVD release if another one comes out, since it wasn't able to be on the first and second one.
  • Many characters use old designs in this episode, making this, "The Mystery" , "The Void" and "The Curse" the only episodes in which characters use old designs.
  • A link to Gumball's 2007-2008 designs that were used in this episode can be found below.
  • Nicky Jones voices Gumball in this episode, but in the actual series, Logan Grove does the voice of Gumball. And Jake Pratt voices Darwin in this episode, but in the actual series, Kwesi Boakye does the voice of Darwin.
  • In this episode we see Masami kissing Alan, but in the actual series, it has been shown that Carmen and Alan love each other.
  • According to the plan drawn in chalk by Gumball and Darwin, Teri was originally a boy.
  • Ben Bocquelet uploaded the video to his Twitter, two years after it was created.
  • Gumball appears to be very intelligent in this video, judging by the plan drawn out in chalk.
  • Rocky appears to have an allergic reaction to pollen.
  • Carrie is much, much fatter in her appearance.
  • Leslie has blue petals in this episode, but in the actual series, he has pink petals.


  • In the shot where Gumball smiles at Darwin, the other characters in the background are missing.