The Curse is the thirty-second episode of season one of The Amazing World of Gumball.


It starts out with the family waiting in the hallway for Gumball to get out the shower. While waiting, Anais asks if the family can go to Daisyland. When Nicole explains that they can't because the tickets are expensive, Richard and Darwin start to concentrate very hard in an attempt to get Daisyland tickets out of nowhere. In the shower, Gumball slips into the toilet and gets flushed down into the sewer. Later on, Gumball, Darwin, and Anais try to catch the bus. Much to Gumball's dismay he misses his chance to enter the bus and instead is dragged by the finger by the bus the entire way. Shrugging off his early streak of bad luck, he tries to cheer himself up with a song, only to get stomped on by Hector. His clothes now torn, Gumball goes off to talk to Darwin and Anais until Principal Brown demands he wear something more appropriate to the school dress code. At the lost-and-found, Rocky gives him short trunks and a fedora, much to the humor of his classmates. Gumball then retaliates to Banana Joe's insults but Principal Brown accidentally walks in and gets offended, thus landing Gumball in detention.

Gumball and Darwin then realize that Gumball is cursed, so they try to fix it. Their first solution was to find a four-leaf clover; however, Gumball grabs onto a nearby football which is then kicked, launching Gumball along with it. He lands on goal post and is smashed by it. As a last resort, Gumball then goes to Anais for advice, in which she attempts to explain why the idea of ‘bad luck’ is a myth and attempts to disprove it by having Gumball perform 3 tasks known for causing bad luck. When Gumball is struck by a random indoor thunderbolt, Anais admits that logic and reasoning wasn't going to work this time. Darwin then hypothesized that Gumball ran out of good luck for the day, to which Anais and Gumball agree.

Meanwhile in detention, Gumball is being stared down by Principal Brown. Once the Principal leaves, Gumball becomes more aware of potentially dangerous things in the classroom. Seeing that the items aren't doing anything, he relaxes as he sighs in relief. However, Brown slams the door in anger, which leads to the light cover falling on books which launched sharpened pencils at Gumball that he quickly dodges. A fan in the classroom then pushes some things over which break a cap on the radiator that then begins to leak gas in the room.

Gumball then runs out in fear as the room explodes, launching him into a mop bucket. Dodging another explosion, Gumball is sent over a cliff and ends up riding down the Elmore Expressway while a series of ‘bad luck’ events literally blow up around him as he dodges dangers on the street. After surviving the ordeal, Gumball comes across an unfinished part of the expressway. Knowing that he couldn't stop his momentum in time, he attempts to push his luck and jump the overpass—a gamble that instead sees Gumball falling into a gorge below.

Gumball then wakes up in the hospital, barely escaping death. His family then decides that since logic and reasoning didn't seem to apply for the entire ordeal, they should all concentrate hard enough for Daisyland tickets to appear.

At Daisyland, Tobias’s Dad tries to hand their family pass to the booth but the ticket slips out of his hand and is carried away by the wind. After traveling across the freeway and even onto an airplane, the ticket finally floats into the room where the Wattersons were at. The family then rejoices at its arrival before its destroyed by a fan. As the family gapes in shock, Darwin reveals that he wished for snow, and the pieces flying over was a great substitute for it.


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  • If you look very carefully at the class photo that was behind Gumball, you can see all of the classmates use old designs (including Rache). execpt Gumball and Darwin.
  • Multiple clips of this episode were viewable months before it actually premiered.
  • This is the fourth time we see Gumball completely naked again, the other three were "The Dress," "The Picnic" and "The Club."
  • This is the first time Gumball has nearly died.
  • This is the third episode that ended with Gumball in the hospital; the second was "The Date," the first was "The Goons."
  • Anais is revealed to use telepathy to make people's brains explode.
  • This is the first time Principal Brown is playing a video game that he confiscated.
  • This episode aired on Valentine's Day in the US, and April Fool's Day in the UK and Hungary in 2012.
  • The picture of Darwin and Gumball on the Stomach Destroyer from "The Dress" makes a reappearance.
  • Goof: Gumball regained his clothes when he goes to detention, despite them being torn to shreds and being forced to wear another outfit.
  • Goof: Principal Brown in the scene where he talks to Gumball about the dress code is drawn differently than his rather usual animation form.
  • Daisyland is an obvious reference to Disneyland.