The Ape is the thirtieth episode of season one of The Amazing World of Gumball.


The episode starts out with Rocky cleaning a trophy when he is startled by Miss Simian's reflection. He almost drops the trophy before Miss Simian catches it for him. She then goes about explaining about her long strive to get these trophies before announcing to Rocky her attempt at the newest one. A 'Teacher's Performance' award. Rocky however points out that she needs a recommendation by at least one student to receive that award, and not one student actually likes her. Miss Simian is then thrown into depression which causes her to ignore everything and everyone, letting her class mess around. Gumball and Darwin take notice to this and try to go to lunch before Miss Simian asks Gumball if she could hang around with him. After he rejects her, Gumball goes on a rant pointing out how Miss Simian continues to follow him around anyways. Still depressed.

After Gumball and Darwin try to 'shoo' her away, they reluctantly let her in the Wattersons' House. Nicole however immediately disapproves of her on her property in which the family demands her out. Miss Simian then goes on a sob story trying to stay friends with the family. However the kids ask her not to leave and take it upon themselves to teach her how to attract friends.

Gumball and Darwin try some ideas to teach her how to be a good friend. First trying to play Dodge or Dare, but refusing after all the questions were about her. Gumball uses an ice cream scenario in which he tries to get her to share invisible ice cream. However, this only makes Gumball feel uncomfortable after a while so they try something else. Gumball then tries a high five exercise but merely gets smacked in the face.

After a while, Miss Simian starts to become more accepted to the family, by literally blowing Richard's stomach and entertaining the children. Nicole however doesn’t approve of this and threatens her, however Miss Simian argues that she's changed and that she means no harm. Nicole decides to take her word for it and let her go. Then Miss Simian convinces Gumball to quickly write a letter of recommendation for the teacher, in which he does without a second's thought. Miss Simian cheers and leaves the Wattersons.

Nicole and the Wattersons then search around the school for Miss Simian, having baked a cake for her positive emotional change. Rocky however reveals that she's left because she doped some losers into writing her the recommendation. Nicole then flashes back to the times Miss Simian called her a 'loser' and realizes she’s been tricked and angrily chases after her.

The Wattersons catch up with Miss Simian on the freeway and attempt to ram her down. She, however, out maneuvers them and mocks them. Nicole even more enraged demands her family to try alternate methods to take her out. Having Darwin shoot candy and throwing random things. Miss Simian laughs before realizing she lost the note before finding it on her antennae. Nicole then tries to get Richard to grab it which he attempts reluctantly. This causes the cars to go out of control and tosses Miss Simian over the incomplete overpass. The family then mocks her for a bit before Nicole stops them from being sadistic enough to laugh at injured people.

Miss Simian later receives her award, and despite ending up in a wheelchair and full-body cast, believes that it was "so worth it".


Minor CharactersEdit


  • This is the first episode that prominently features Miss Simian.
  • This episode marked the first time in the series that the Dodge or Dare motto was completed with no interruptions.
  • It is revealed in Nicole's flashback that Miss Simian used to call her a "loser" all throughout her life. This also marks her second flashback in the series with the first being in "The Gi".
  • In Nicole's flashback, one of the Eggheads appears, which is very odd, considering that in other episodes he is shown to be around the same age as Gumball and Darwin.
  • In this episode, it is revealed that Nicole, Richard and many other characters graduated in the 1980s.
  • Miss Simian's license plate number is 66666, just like the Doughnut Policeman's police car in "The Third".
  • In the flashback of Nicole and Richard's wedding, Richard was not screaming like he was supposed to be in The Wand, implying that he was exaggerating.
  • This was the first Gumball episode to purposely premiere at the Halftime of 7:45 instead of 7:30, likely to help with ratings of the show Level Up, which had recently started airing.
  • Although the title of the episode is "The Ape", Miss Simian is actually a monkey (specifically a baboon).

Cultural referencesEdit

"Oh, No! Where's Darwin?" 1981 movie Time Bandits.


  • The license plate number on the Wattersons' Car frequently disappears.
  • Gumball's seat in the car shifts at one point.
  • Miss Simian's seatbelt disappears and reappears randomly.
  • In the scene where Richard is trying to grab the note, you see two Anais and two of Darwin.