Sal Left Thumb is a minor character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He is a wanted and very dangerous criminal, and there is a large reward for his capture. In "The Spoon," he robs the Gas Station with the unwitting help of Gumball and Darwin.


Sal Left Thumb resembles an over-sized, sentient fingerprint. He usually is seen wearing a domino mask, likely to keep his identity a secret. His teeth are sharp and pointy, but are somehow straight occasionally. His limbs are very long and skinny, and are rather small compared to the rest of his body. He possesses the ability to flatten himself on the ground and just appear as a regular fingerprint.


Sal Left Thumb is a dangerous and infamous criminal in Elmore. He seems to be very blunt about his "job" and is ruthless as well. He can also be a very sneaky liar, such as when he deceived Gumball and Darwin into working for him, though this could also be because of the pair's stupidity.


Season 1 "The Spoon": He attempts to rob the Gas Station with a spoon. "The Gi": He appears in Nicole's flashback. "The Kiss": Darwin says hello to him while he is trying to break into someone's car. "The Date": He's seen as a drawing on a sheet of cardboard. "The Genius": He is on a computer screen window. "The Prank": He makes a cameo appearance in the Elmore Daily newspaper. Season 2 "The Bumpkin": He is seen robbing Larry at the gas station before The Wattersons run him over.


  • He went to Elmore Junior High with Richard, Mr. Small, and Mr. Fitzgerald.
  • According to a wanted poster in "The Spoon", he has a bounty of $25. A wanted poster of him was also seen in "The Kiss."
  • He seems to have a habit of calling people "suckers."