The Ripley 2000 Manager (who was voiced by Dan Russell/Rupert Degas in season 1 and Hugo Harrison in season 3) is a minor character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He is the manager of the video-game store, Ripley 2000. Throughout most of "The Refund", he is in his office watching Larry through the surveillance camera.


The manager is a small, lavender bear with big, lavender eyes, a yellow face, pink cheeks, and a pinkish tie. He somewhat resembles a teddy bear. It is also possible that he has yellow skin, and is wearing a business suit over it.


The manager has an extremely strict "no refunds" policy, implying that he is very greedy and stating that it is a 'manner of principle'. He is tricky as well, being able to fool Gumball, Darwin, and Richard into buying a paper shredder. He is also lazy and makes his employees do things they weren't hired to do, such as walk his dogs.