He is an elderly, purple moose with large antlers. He is commonly seen wearing a pale brown hat and a green sweater with blue slacks.the dvd


He is rather joyful, yet oblivious. He often doesn't seem to know whats going on, or ignores it and continues with his duty. His occupations seem to be temporary, as he's often seen doing different jobs in different episodes. Its possible he's retired and is doing it for sentimental community service.


Season One "The DVD": He gives Gumball and Darwin some change. "The Debt": He attends the senior talent show. "The End": He advertises a discount sale. "The Laziest": He is seen briefly at Dump's Cave. "The Mystery": He is seen as the school bus driver. "The Kiss": He is seen driving the bus that Granny Jojo rode on. "The Microwave": He is seen as a postman eaten by Kenneth. "The Wand": He is seen up a ladder in the background. Season Two "The Remote": He is seen at front on his house near his car. "The Colossus": He is seen driving his car. "The Fridge": His soda is stolen by Gumball at the Gas Station. "The Phone": He is seen standing outside his house, wondering what is from and is hit by 1 of the Watterson's electronics. "The Job": He is seen walking Mr. Small's Dog and acting like his after Richard passed by him and his dog while riding a scooter. "The Bumpkin": The Wattersons almost hit him with their car.


  • He has wide hips, like Gumball.
  • He lives across the Wattersons, as seen in "The Remote".
  • He is very generous, as he gave Gumball and Darwin a dollar in "The DVD", while most people who passed gave them barely any money.
  • He was hit with several electronics thrown by Gumball in The Phone.
  • He was seen in The Bumpkin when Richard's drove the car over his foot, and the 2nd time when Richard is driving Idaho to the hospital, knocking his walking stick making him fall. Since Idaho dosen't need a doctor, he reversed the car out, knocking into his walking stick again.