Principal Nigel Brown is a supporting character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He is the principal of Elmore Junior High. Because he is madly in love with Miss Simian, he's not very responsible when it comes to running the school, and doesn't seem to care about the well being of the students that much.


Principal Brown is a slug with a thick coat of brown fur that covers his entire body, except for his eyes. In "The Mystery", some of Principal Brown's fur was burnt off, revealing his tan-tinted skin. At the end of "The Mystery", he has sharp fang-like teeth, but while in the nurse's office, he has regular teeth. Principal Brown speaks in a soft-spoken tone of voice with a slight British accent.


Despite being the principal of Elmore Junior High, he is shown to have a massive crush on Gumball's teacher, Miss Simian, and they are constantly flirting, much to everyone else's dismay. Because he spends most of his time thinking about and trying to please Miss Simian, he doesn't pay much attention to the students. In addition to this, Principal Brown has also been shown to get into The Wattersons' personal business, like in "The Painting". Although in "The Genius," he didn't care at all that The Wattersons would never see their son, Darwin, again.

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"The Flakers" "The Authority" "The Hero" "The Tag" "The Storm" "The Boombox" "The Tape" "The Sweaters" "The Internet" "The World" "The Finale" "The Joy" "The Void" "The Boss" "The Move" "The Law" "The Allergy" "The Mothers" "The Shell" "The Burden"


  • As shown in "The Genius," he screams like a little girl.
  • In some episodes there is a cyan colored character in the lunch room who closely resembles him.
  • His name maybe a reference to the Beavis and Butt-head character of the same name.
  • In some episodes, a cyan colored character that closely resembles him can be seen in the lunch room.
  • A recurring gag in Season 2 is Mr. Brown having to stop his car, usually to make way for the Wattersons. This has occured in The Remote , The Job and Christmas.
  • He seems to be more friendly to Gumball and Darwin in Season 2
  • Despite his feelings for Miss Simian, he threatened to fire her if she kept framing Gumball and Darwin in "The Apology."
  • He seems to be pretty intelligent, as shown in "The Genius," where he is seen to possess a Brain Academy mug.
  • He seems to posses the ability to move his nose in and out of his hair at will, as seen in "The Fraud."
  • In "The Fraud", he is revealed to be well... a fraud.