Throughout the series the characters had faced life-threatning injuries or experiences. Most of the time, they have been narrowly rescued or escaped from their fates. Other times, they have endured their fates and ended up in the hospital. Other near-death experiences which causes the characters to be put to death due to sickness, enemy attack, destruction etc.

This is a list which covers the characters' near-death experiences. Episodes must be listed in order of the dates they were aired.

Gumball WatersonEdit

Gumball's life has most notably been in jeopardy at his own weird plans along with Darwin. He is mainly injured by Darwin, Tina or his own plans.

  • The Prank: He and Darwin are rarely injured by Richard's worst pranks and they are chasen by him.
  • The Mustache: He and Darwin are severely playing dodgeball literally. He is almost hit by Tina's bowling ball (which is red in color), but he transformed into a man which he almost killed her.