Also known as:

Lazy Larry (until Richard stole it in 1983)





Laurence "Larry" Needlemeyer is a supporting character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He works at almost every store in the town of Elmore, usually as a cashier. He generally dislikes the Watterson family. Larry manages to keep up with all his jobs by "working very hard," but he has been fired on at least one occasion. He used to be called "Lazy Larry," and was the laziest person in Elmore, but the title was stolen by Richard Watterson in the summer of 1983.


Larry wears a green shirt, an orange tie, and an orange, white and red hat. In Season 1, he had a more rocky texture. From Season 2 and onwards, he is made completely out of origami. He is incredibly skinny, similar to Rob and Miss Simian. His head is disproportionately large and blocky. While being Lazy Larry, he transforms into a huge block, which connects his head to his torso just like Richard. In Season 2 onwards, his entire body no longer has any textures.


Larry is a very hard working and serious person, and can not be fooled easily. He keeps many jobs around Elmore, from being a store clerk to a cashier, and does an admirable job at each of them. Although, on many of these occasions, he is accidentally fired, or is driven to do so by a member of the Watterson family He has a girlfriend named Karen, who he has attempted to propose to twice. However, he failed each time. The first time was in "The Laziest," where Gumball and Darwin aggravated him to the point where he attacks them with his food, shouting "GET OUT OF MY LIFE," but he hit Karen instead. She promptly breaks up with him, thinking that he hated her. The second time is in "The Goons." During the Dumb Race, Richard accidentally picks him up, and Larry proposes to him instead of Karen.


Major RoleEdit

  • "The Laziest": In Supermarket.
  • "The Pizza": He quits all his jobs, unraveling the commercial structure of Elmore.

Recurring RoleEdit

  • "The Job": He was one of the characters in the car after Richard.


  • "The DVD": In Laser Video.
  • "The Spoon": In Gas Station.
  • "The End": In Supermarket.
  • "The Ghost": In Joyful Burger.
  • "The Prank": In Shoe Store.
  • "The Refund": In Ripley 2000.
  • "The Goons": At a picnic with Karen.
  • "The Fridge": He can be seen walking to the left of the screen in one scene.
  • "Halloween" He works at the Gas Station and is mistaken for a wanted criminal thanks to Gumball and Darwin.
  • "Christmas": Larry works as a fake Santa Claus at Elmore Shopping

"The Bumpkin": He gets robbed by Sal Left Thumb before the Wattersons crash through.

  • "The Pony": He works at Ripley 2000, once again, as the cashier.
  • "The Hero": He is mentioned by Darwin as he and Gumball unload the groceries on the table.
  • "The Game": He is a victim of Nicole's prank call.
  • "The Finale": He mentions having placed a restraining order on the Wattersons, as well as how their reckless actions have affected him.
  • The Kids": He does not recognize Gumball nor Darwin because of their voices breaking, and calls the Orange Security Guard so they can leave peacefully. He later calls the police on Gumball and Darwin and cuts Nicole's credit card in the supermarket.
  • "The Name": He is briefly seen while Gumball's alter-ego, Zach, rudely cuts in line of the shoppers. Later, he is seen at Joyful Burger.
  • "The Law": He appears working for an ice cream truck.
  • "The Password": He appears once again at Ripley 2000, watching the store get destroyed by Richard.
  • "The Lie": He is in Elmore Shopping.
  • "The Butterfly": His parking space is stolen by Mr. Robinson
  • "The Question": He tells Gumball and Darwin his meaning of life.
  • "The Saint": He is one of the citizens to witness Neck Beard choking on the sidewalk.
  • "The Oracle": He tries to tell everyone that there was no prize for the 1,000,000th costumer.
  • "The Spoiler": He tries to remove Gumball, Darwin, and Anais from the Elmore Cinema for pirating a movie.
  • "The Nobody": He walks past Gumball and Darwin several times as they try to give Rob a role in the world.
  • "The Egg":He watches Nicole and The Orange Woman fight at Food N' Stuff.
  • "The Money": In the AD: After Gumball tells Nicole that he got an F in math because Richard ate his homework BECAUSE he thought there was Pie (actually Pi, announced when Anais said it)


Similar to Rocky, Larry works numerous jobs.

Laser VideoEdit

Larry's first job was at Laser Video. He is the cashier of the store, although, he probably got fired after he failed to get repayment of the late fee from the DVD that Gumball and Darwin broke. However in "The Pizza," he is seen working there (although he later quits all his jobs). It is very similar to Ripley 2000 from "The Refund."

Elmore Gas StationEdit

In "The Spoon," Larry was then seen as a cashier at the Gas Station. He probably got fired from there too after he failed to keep the money of the store safe from the robbery. But then he is later seen working there again in "The Bumpkin."

Food N' StuffEdit

Larry worked here as a cashier after getting fired from his previous jobs. He most likely got fired because of yelling at a customer as an attempt to get Gumball and Darwin away from him in "The Laziest." This has so far been his longest job he held.

Joyful BurgerEdit

It is Larry's fourth job and works as a cashier there, and has not yet been fired from there. Probably works a late night shift since Carrie came at night.

Shoe StoreEdit

It is his fifth job and he works as a cashier, as usual. He was seen doing his job there in "The Prank," where Richard wanted to return the shoes he bought originally for Gumball and Darwin (for his prank), but denied the return because there were baked beans contained inside the shoes.

Ripley 2000Edit

For his sixth job, he works as a clerk, as he does in his other jobs, in the local video game store. He was first featured working here in "The Refund," when he denies Gumball and Darwin a refund for their computer game. He may have been fired from there as he failed to keep Gumball from getting a refund and abandoned his post. However, in the video "What Dad Would Do for a Sausage Part 1," he is seen working there. He returns to work there in the season 3 episode "The Password" as he is seen working there when Richard is destroying it.

Fervidus PizzaEdit

In "The Job," Larry works for Fervidus Pizza. Larry is Richard's employer, and he fires Richard for eating parts of the pizzas he had to deliver. In "The Pizza," he is also seen working there, although he later quits.

Elmore ShoppingEdit

He is seen working at Elmore Shopping in "Christmas" as the mall Santa, in a small cabin called "Santa's Grotto." His girlfriend Karen is also seen directly outside of it, dressed as an elf.

Other JobsEdit

Other jobs that Larry is seen, or mentioned doing is being the police force accountant, an ice cream vendor, a pest controller, and a repairman. He works so many jobs that Elmore's economical structure depends on him, and that if he ever stops working, the whole town would break down.


  • In "The Finale," it is revealed why he has so many jobs; only to repay damages the Wattersons have done.
    • Because Larry practically has every job in Elmore, if Larry quit all of his jobs, Elmore's society would collapse. This is seen in "The Pizza."