The Hot Dog Guy is a minor character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He usually appears in the Elmore Junior High cafeteria, along with the Green Bear, the 8-Bit Dog, and the Mushroom.


He is a large anthropomorphic hot dog, with very thin arms and legs. He is always seen wearing a pair of dark sunglasses. In "The Hug," he has a tuft of mustard on the top of his head, which represents hair.

Episode AppearancesEdit

Season 1Edit

  • "The Third" (debut)
  • "The Dress"
  • "The Robot"
  • "The Party"
  • "The Ape"
  • "The Ghost"
  • "The Fight"

Season 2Edit

  • "The Flower"
  • "The Castle" (1st speaking role)

Season 3Edit

  • "The Extras" (1st major role)
  • "The Gripes"
  • "The Allergy"
  • "The Shell"
  • "The Butterfly"
  • "The Oracle"
  • "The Spoiler"
  • "The Downer"

Season 4Edit

  • "The Return"
  • "The Nemesis"
  • "The Others"
  • "The Check"
  • "The Parking"
  • "The Romantic"
  • "The Hug" (2nd major role)
  • "The Wicked"
  • "The Traitor"


  • Similar to the Green Bear, the 8-Bit Dog, and the Mushroom, the Hot Dog Guy mostly has non-speaking cameos.
  • His physical appearance resembles the Hot Dog Officer, a character who was only featured in "The Friend."
  • He apparently owns the Sausage Dog, which is odd, because they are both sausages.
    • Oddly enough, he can also be seen eating sausages in "The Spoiler."