Hector Jötunheim is a supporting character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He is a student at Elmore Junior High who is in Miss Simian's class.


Hector, being a giant, is extremely tall; so tall in fact that whenever he's shown, the viewer can rarely see above his legs. A thick coat of nappy, multi-coloured fur covers most of his visible body, excluding his feet, hands and buttocks. In the Season Two preview, it is shown he has a gorilla-like structure. His face does not appear to be visible, because it is covered by fur. This was the first time his full body was shown.


Hector may seem menacing due to his immense size, but he is actually a very gentle giant. He would never purposely hurt anyone, but he has on occasion been known to unintentionally step on people. As seen in "The Party," he may have romantic feelings towards Tina, since he asked her if she would dance with him. It seems Tina returns the feelings as seen when she blushed when Hector asked her to dance with him.

It is explained later in the second season that the kids feel that Hector is boring. He is not allowed by his mother to express any extreme emotion, mainly because she knows that as a giant, it will get over his head. In the event where Gumball stated that Hector should go against his own mother's ideals in "The Colossus", he does, indeed, go in a rampage just to prove how he is not boring to the eyes of the masses.


Mrs. JotunheimEdit

Hector's way of living revolves around the influence of his own mother, especially in the field of expressing emotions. The giant innately felt that his mother was doing this for his own sake, and that it was best for him to have such a way of life.

Gumball Watterson Edit

Gumball was disappointed at how Hector disapproved of his friend request in Elmore Plus at "The Colossus", and felt that it was his business to butt in the giant's life. Gumball was the first to tell Hector to stand up to his own mother, which resulted into the giant going in a destructive state. Gumball later fixed the problem he caused, and the relationship between the two drastically improved by then. By the end of the episode, it was later revealed that Hector wanted to add Gumball as a friend. The fact that Hector wanted to be friends with Gumball, probably with the approval of his mother, really proved how much the friendship between the two really grew.

Episode AppearancesEdit

Season 1

  1. "The Third": Hector appears very briefly in the background for a split-second.
  2. "The Quest": Hector accidentally sits on Anais' Daisy doll.
  3. "The Kiss": Hector was one of the challenges in Darwin's plan to make Gumball forget about the traumatic kiss he received from Granny Jojo.
  4. "The Party": Hector accompanies Penny to the party. Later, he dumps her and instead spends the rest of the party with Tina.
  5. "The Club": He appears in the football club with Banana Joe and Tobias.
  6. "The Curse": He squishes Gumball a couple of times as part of Gumball's "curse."

Season Two

  1. "The Colossus": Hector plays the main role of this episode. He is made fun of by his schoolmates because of his boring personality.

"Christmas": He is seen spray painting in the air so it'll look like it's snowing.

season 3

  1. The Name; he appears in Gumballs mind
  2. The Butterfly; he falls at sussies dad

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