Banana Joe is a supporting character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He is the class clown at Elmore Junior High. When he cracks his jokes, he thinks people are laughing with him, when they are really laughing at him, or not at all.


Banana Joe is an anthropomorphic banana, with googly eyes, and has a mouth made of clay, similar to Clayton's. He wears and treats his "peel" like a shirt - he can remove it at will, and has several extras messily stuffed into his clothing drawer. The bottom end of his nude banana body is clefted to resemble a butt.

Starting in Season 2, Banana Joe gets a redesign. He gains eyebrows, and is much larger than he was previously. His eyes are now laid out in a horizontal line rather than a diagonal, and are of equal size.


Being the class clown, Banana Joe is always making jokes or trying to be funny, though his jokes can sometimes be hurtful, like how he teased Gumball to tears in "The Gi". His jokes can also be annoying or creepy, such as in" The Third". At first, Gumball and Darwin enjoyed his comedy act, but as he went on, he got creepier, causing them to leave him. Banana Joe also has a distaste for girls. This was prevalent in "The Pressure", where he established a pals before gals pact with the guys. He even resorted to chopping down the girls' clubhouse, all to prevent Darwin from kissing Masami. However, he may have gotten over this, since he didn't complain in "The Party" when everyone had to get a date to attend. Furthermore, in "The End", he acts as the justice of the peace for Gumball's wedding.

He also appears to be messy. His room is in desperate need of cleaning - his peels are sticking out of his drawer and there's junk scattered across the floor. Also, the stuff in his locker looks as though he just carelessly stuffed them in there.

Banana Joe seems to be a total jerk to everyone including his own friends, he sometimes teams up with Tobias to do it and most of the time he does it to Gumball and Darwin. In the episode "The Pressure", he and Tobias were bullies to force Gumball and Darwin to start hating girls and not having any girlfriends even though they wanted to but Gumball loved Penny. In the episode "The Mystery" He was seen trying to get his own friend Gumball in trouble and then trying to stop him when he ran away. In the episode "The Gi", he was seen bullying Gumball and Darwin in front of everyone at their school. He insulted and bullied Gumball three times in "The Curse".

It is also shown that Joe can be angered easily. In "The Banana", Joe was furious when he found his pen chewed in his locker and wanted to hurt Gumball and Darwin, but ended up jumping, getting hurt on the water fountain and blacking out instead. When he woke up and was informed he could've had beaten up Gumball, he seemed proud.

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  • What happened to pal before gals?!
  • HOMEWRECKER (throws a banana peel at Gumball)!


  • Whenever Joe does an exaggerated or just large motion, his googly pupils spin around inside his eyes.
  • He has a Bananan the Barbarian poster in his room, a reference to Conan the Barbarian.
  • His personality and appearance are based on the term "Top Banana".
  • His name is similar to "Banana" Joseph Montione from the 1982 film.
  • His personality appears to change in almost every episode.
  • Banana Joe placed 9th in The Dumb Race.
  • He hosted an April Fool's Day marathon in 2012-14.
  • In Season 2 onwards, he gets eyebrows.
  • In Season 2 onwards, he also gets slightly bigger.
  • He is a very good whistler, as seen in the Season 2 episode, "The Banana."
  • As seen in "The Banana," his eyes and mouth can be removed from his body, and then reattached.
    • He has a closet full of spares, according to the game Water Sons.


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