Alan is a recurring character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He is a twelve year old squeaky-voiced teal balloon who attends Elmore Junior High. He has feelings for Carmen, the cactus who likes him back, though, it obviously can never be.

Alan the balloon


Alan is a slightly deflated, teal colored balloon, whose face is drawn on with permanent marker ink.

In the early reel, Alan seemed to have a nose and freckles, but this was taken out when the official series started.

In Season 2 onwards, his design changes very little. Alan has slightly more round/oval shaped eyes than his original design, and he appears to be colored brighter.

Person AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL IS LITTY attitude. These traits cause many girls to develop crushes on him. He has a high-pitched voice, mainly because of the fact that he is filled with helium. Alan sacrifices himself selflessly in the need of other people, and seems to always have the positive outlook on things regardless of how negative they might seem to other people.Edit

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  • (to Gumball or Masami) Hey, I'm-! (Gumball and Masami hit Alan up)


  • Alan can propel himself through the air without any visible assistance.
  • Most people who have never seen the show before mistake Alan for a female, possibly because of his eyelashes, which are more common on female characters in animation, and also because of his high voice, which, again is caused by helium.
  • Alan's voice is never consistent with each appearance.
  • Gumball seems to have trouble remembering Alan's name, calling him Alfred, Andrew, Arthur, etc.
  • He deflates in response to horrible smells, as shown in "The Ghost".
  • Alan has popped at least five times so far, with Carmen being involved most of the time.
    • The first time was in the "Early reel", where Carmen got launched at him.
    • The second time was in the trailer for the show, where he attempts to kiss Carmen, but gets popped by her needles.
    • The third time was in "The Mustache", where he pops in shock at Gumball's transformation.
    • The fourth time was in "The Banana", where he gets knocked into Carmen by Gumball.
    • The fifth time was in "The Photo", where Darwin punches Alan, popping him.
  • In every photo shot Alan appears, his facial features look very realistic and human-like instead of his original face. However, in "The Storm", his pictures, especially with Carmen, shown him with his usual appearance.
  • It is revealed in "The Photo" that Alan anonymously donates all of his allowance to charity and never tells anyone about it because he cares very much about the cause.
  • It was revealed in "The Storm" that whatever he eats gets turned into air.
  • If he has a string or not varies in some episodes.
  • In "The Saint," It is suggested that he is unable to be annoyed or angered by anything.
    • This can be contradicted though, because in "The Storm," he stares angrily at Gumball and Carmen when she tries to test their relationship, and he gets angry at Gumball when he tries to talk to Masami. He also got mad at Gumball for accusing him of attacking Principal Brown in "The Mystery."


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