Você e Eu é uma música de "O Ovo". É cantada por Anais e Billy, depois de saírem da casa dos Wattersons.

Letra Original

Ambos: Just you and me
Could live a life in perfect harmony
That's satisfying intellectually
And wave suburbia good-bye.

Anais: Just you and me
Billy: Just you and I
Anais: Could visit East Berlin in Germany
Billy: And then Versailles
Anais: And ride a bicycle in New York City
Billy: You can't deny that
Ambos: We'll have such a lovely time.

Ambos: And we'll do everything your way!
We'll watch a movie made in Norway!
We'll only go to shows on Broadway!
Billy: And I shall wear a hat indoors.

Billy: I'll grow a beard!
Anais: And I'll wear specs.
Billy: And hang out at La Centre Pompidou
Anais: We'll eat some crêpes
Billy: I'll get a sailor tat and so will you
Ambos: I'll buy some decks
And play our vinyl all day long.

Ambos: We'll never part
And we'll become completely lost in art
And then we'll-

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